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    OFFICINALIS: the natural solution for a comprehensive treatment of R.S.D. (Recurrent Summer Dermatitis), also called summer or sweet itch.

    ADVANTAGES: OFFICINALIS products contain no aggressive chemicals substances and allow long term treatment.

    Contains soft surfactants with skin hydrating, soothing and regenerative substances: recommended for horses with irritated skin and to relieve the typical itches caused by dermatitis. This shampoo is soft, and does not contain aggressive surfactants like

    sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

    Active ingredients:

    Vitamin E: natural antioxidant with anti-rash and regenerative properties.

    Vitamin B5 (panthenol): excellent hydrating power, especially if associated to vitamin E. Soothing and calming effect on irritated skin. Favours tissue regeneration and keeps skin from degenerating by making it stronger and tougher.

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