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Versatile skin care.
BENEFITS: A versatile cream.
- Protects the skin surface
- Adheres to healthy skin while respecting the coat color
ADVANTAGES: Much more convenient than a spray!
- The application of the balm is completely silent and painless
- Enriched in calendula
- Optimal adhesion
RAVENE’s recommendation: Always have a tube of Dermaprotect in your grooming box!
Method of use: Apply Dermaprotect onto the area concerned Repeat the application at least twice a day until the problem is resolved. It is recommended to clean the affected area before applying Dermaprotec. Avoid eye contact. For optimal use, keep Dermaprotect at ambient temperature (between 8 and 28°C).
Composition: Sulfur, zinc oxide, chlorhexidine, Calendula officinalis (essential oil).

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